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Repeat after me: "yiah!!"  We learn and practice Taekwondo, a weaponless martial art that originated in Korea. It has spread worldwide to become an Olympic medal sport.

Authentic Taekwondo is our passion. With ancient roots in the far east, it is our way of life: it can be used for artful expression, it is a competetive sport, and it is a tool for building better people.

We compete at tournaments, collegiate and otherwise. Competition is a challenge, to be sure, but it is something that everybody can do and participate in. We believe that the grand journey is beyond just winning and losing, and we hope everybody has lots of fun and learns a lot while on the road with us. And we do win a good share of our matches too!

So, everyone is welcome, regardless of gender or rank and experience. If you want to learn and practice, sign on!

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